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Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Sun May 11 14:17:03 BST 2008

I wanted to share this tid bit of info of one if the way that VMWare is
being used in production.  So, I was taking to our (Charter's) NetApp
rep last week and we where discussing our VMWare SAN deployment on our
NetApp.  She shared with me that the one of their (CDS) engineers is
working with the US Navy to deploy NetApp and VMWare to several ships in
the fleet.  Let me back track a little for those of you that don't know
that most US Navy ships have two crews (gold and blue - think color
scheme of the Blue Angels).  While one crew is on deployment with the
other is on land.  Now the US Navy, and the crews I'm sure,  wanted a
way for each crew to have it's own servers (file and print, email,
applications,etc.) while they were is either phase of deployment.  Enter
VMWare and NetApp, now the Navy is starting to use VMWare to migrate
complete server farms to and from ships  depending on crew complement.
Pretty cool no?  I never really thought about how server farms where
handled by the Navy but to anyone that that works in IT imagine the work
involve, without VMware, moving just user, groups, email accounts,
mailing list to and from two static server farms.  Now imagine what the
Navy is using for wireless connectivity while the ships are at sea.  I
wonder how long until us consumers see that. =)

- Eric 

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