[ubuntu-us-nm] HOWTO: Enable Dell Docking station Audio Port

Eric Krieger grammatoncleric at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 19 15:49:18 GMT 2008

Here's a little HOWTO for getting a Dell laptop to use the Docking station
audio port.

*Boot the laptop with it in the docking station.*

1. Right click on "*Volume Applet*" (the little speaker on the Gnome panel).

2. Select "*Open Volume Control*."

3. Now select *Edit* -> *Preferences.*

4. Put a check mark next to *IEC958.*

5. Click *Close*.

6. Click on the *Switches* tab in the *Open Volume Control *window.

7. Put a check next to the *IEC958* option.

8. Select "*Playback Tab*" and mute "*Master*" (i.e. click on the little
speaker icon below the Master level.)

9. Lower the volume level of the current *PCM *and close the *Open Volume
Control *window.

10. Connect your speakers or head phones to the headphone audio port on the
left side of the Dell Docking station.

11. Right click on "*Volume Applet*" (the little speaker on the Gnome panel)

12. Select *Preferences*.

13. In the window that appears select *PCM* then click *Close *(this changes
the * Volume Applet* to control *PCM* volume instead of the *Master*).

14. Now try to play something, If the volume level is to loud left click on
the *Volume Applet* and lower the level.

15. When the laptop is undocked you will need to the set Volume Applet (step
13) back to use the *Master* volume as well as* un-mute* it.


Eric Krieger

"Courage is doing what you're afraid to do.
There can be no courage unless you're scared."
-Edward Vernon Rickenbacker
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