[Ubuntu-US-NM] Use openDNS: http://www.opendns.com/

Tina Caton tincatz at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 13 21:05:20 GMT 2008

Hey, I wanta help. Tonite, I will be at dinner with my Swedish Godmother. Is there a place to see the IRC transcript after the fact?

Eric Krieger <unmlobo at gmail.com> wrote: Hi Tina,
    Thanks! This is  something that we need to look at for EPC.  I've 
been playing with the filtering functionality of OpenDNS for the last 
few days.  Though my girlfriend did not appreciate me blocking 
*perezhilton*.com. =P 

I received and email from Gigi and there has been a couple issues and I 
think we need to look at this as a possible solution for filtering in 
the computer lab as well as throughout EPC.  I've added this to the 
agenda for tomorrow's weekly irc meeting.



Tina Caton wrote:
> http://www.opendns.com/
> OpenDNS. 
> A free DNS service packed full of features. Content Filtering. 
> Phishing Protection. Typo Correction. Domain Blocking. Adult Site 
> Blocking. Web Proxy Blocking. Domain Whitelisting. Statistics. Make 
> DNS outages a thing of the past.
> Tina C.
> ;-) tincatz at yahoo.com
> "The universe is an intelligence test." --Timothy Leary 

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