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Tina Caton tincatz at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 20:54:25 GMT 2008

I'm interested.

Have we considered using OpenDNS to block content and pfishing sites? It is free. Minimal work.

> http://www.opendns.com/
> OpenDNS.
> A free DNS service packed full of features. Content Filtering. Phishing
> Protection. Typo Correction. Domain Blocking. Adult Site Blocking. Web Proxy
> Blocking. Domain Whitelisting. Statistics. Make DNS outages a thing of the
> past.

Eric Krieger <grammatoncleric at ubuntu.com> wrote: For those interested in the EPC FreeNAS/Shared Storage Project  I've
created the following wiki for it.


Right now it's just a list of parts that we have and need.

I'm planning on picking up the things we need.  One thing of interest,
we are going to try to install the FreeNAS OS to a compact flash using...



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