[Ubuntu-US-NM] Time to Virtualize

Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 20:40:12 GMT 2008

Andrew Parker wrote:
> Thanks Eric.  And I would like your support when the time comes.

Just say the word.

> Purchasing VM Workstation is a non-issue.  I also qualify for the 
> educational discount.

> I have two USB drives.  One is for incremental back-ups.  The other one 
> contains an image of my Windows system.  I also have Restore CDs created 
> from the ThinkVantage suite. 
> I am not sure if I want to tranfer my existing Windows set-up; its time 
> to do my yearly spring cleaning.  And the existing Windows system has 
> all of the ThinkVantage stuff which slows the OS down and takes up 
> space.  I am thinking of doing a minimal Windows  XP install in the  VM. 

The great thing about VM'ing you current PC is that you can that a
Snapshot of the VM then uninstall all those things that you dislike. Run


removing those rouge registry entries followed by running NTRegOpt...


If your VM run better great....if not you can recover back to the
snapshot with a simple right click restore. =)

> Lastly, if I do capture my current system as a VM, will the MBR be 
> copied as well?  I want to do away with my dual boot.

I have to confess I've never P2Ved a dual boot system. It may or may not
but if it does...

1. take a snapshot of the VM.
2. pop in the WinXP CD boot boot the VM from it.
3. select recover console.
4. Once you are in the recovery console type FIXMBR.

This will recreate the Windows MBR for the VM and thus delete grub.

5. eject the winxp cd and reboot the VM.


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