[Ubuntu-US-NM] Time to Virtualize

Andrew Parker andrew at source3.com
Wed Mar 5 15:36:04 GMT 2008


I am gearing up to redo my laptop in preparation for my Capstone Project 
at Penn State.  Below is a short discussion on what I want to do.  Any 
words of wisdom is appreciated.  I want to perform the transition soon 
after March 18th.


For my Capstone project in the MGIS program at Penn State, I want to use 
Open Source software only. However, I use the same laptop for school and 
work. While at work, I need to run programs that only run in Windows (ie 
ArcMap, MS Access, gotomeeting). In addition, I connect to a Windows 
Domain (Windows Server 2003) while at work.

My proposed solution is to run Ubuntu 7.10 as host and use Virtualbox, 
VMserver, or VMworkstation to run Windows XP as a guest. I do not want 
to dual boot as I need the functionality of both Linux and Windows at 
the same time and drive space is limited.

I also use a docking station at work with an external monitor.  I have 
played around with the external screen but never got it to display 
properly.  I will need help configuring the display settings when the 
time comes.

  System Configuration



Thinkpad T60



Intel Centrino Duo 1.83 Ghz



3 GB

Hard Drive





Dual Boot, Windows XP Pro and Ubuntu 7.10

(within Windows, I am also running Ubuntu within Virtualbox)

  Programs to Run

I need to run the following programs. To my knowledge, they only run in 
Windows XP:


      ArcView 9.2


      MS Access


      Acrobat Reader Professional 7.0


      gotomeeting, gotoassist



      Would it be better to run Windows XP as host and Ubuntu as guest?
      I am worried abut connecting to our work domain.


      Are there any advantages to partitioning the HD and use the extra
      partition for data storage that both the host and guest can access?

Andrew Parker
Source3 Computing

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