[Ubuntu-US-NM] how do I make dividers in xhtml expand

Andrew Parker andrew at source3.com
Mon Jan 28 13:48:19 GMT 2008

Thanks to Tina I was able to make the left sidebar stretch.  

It works in Firefox, now I have to test it in IE, Safari, etc etc.

The solution was at

In summary, I added the following to the css file:

In the #leftsidebar, 

	padding-bottom: 32767px;
	margin-bottom: -32767px;
and in the #container (which is my wrapper)

	overflow: hidden;
Thanks again Tina.

Source3 Computing,

Andrew Parker

On Sat, 2008-01-26 at 17:27 -0700, Andrew Parker wrote:
> In reference to a page on my website
> (http://www.source3.com/legalities.html );I cannot figure out how to
> make the left sidebar divider grow with the text in the main divider
> (the one to the right of the left sidebar).  I even tried setting the
> background color of the container divider to match the left sidebar
> background color.  
> FYI: You can view the css by downloading the Web Developer toolbar in
> Firefox; or I can send the css file.
> Any ideas?

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