[Ubuntu-US-NM] Student and Instructor Manuals

Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 22:34:41 GMT 2008

The glass is half full little camper!


David Thomas wrote:
> Sounds good to me I'm just sad everyone has to see me in person so much.
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> Very cool! But I agree with David...I possible can you hold on to them 
> until the next F2F meeting? On the subject! Since I was a total 
> blockhead and confused dates and reservered the EPC computer lab for 
> today. I asked Gigi, at EPC, to reserve the computer lab for us for 
> Thursday Feb. 21st, the Thursday before the install ? What are everyones 
> feeling about having the next F2F on that date at EPC?
> Eric
> David Thomas wrote:
>> I say store them until needed, that's my vote.
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>> Subject: [Ubuntu-US-NM] Student and Instructor Manuals
>> I should have the 12 copies of the Ubuntu Student Manual and 1 copy of 
>> the the Instructor manual with me for tonight's face-to-face.
>> Anyone interested in taking delivery of them tonight?  Or should I store 
>> them at my office until they are needed? 

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