[Ubuntu-US-NM] PostgreSQL and SQL-Ledger installation help

Andrew Parker andrew at source3.com
Wed Jan 23 15:53:25 GMT 2008


Is it possible to explain what is happening via a phone call?  I will
have an easier time explaining what is happening over the phone.

Either call me at the number listed below, or email me directly with
your phone number.

Some of my questions/concerns are:

1. I do not know if I would be better going with the packages in the
repositories or from source.  The sql-ledger package in the repository
has not been updated in a while.

2. Since I used apt-get I see the sql-ledger page when I access it
using: http://localhost/sql-ledger/admin.pl.  But, how do I create a
username and password.  I looked at the install how-to from the
sql-ledger website; it appears you can add a username and password when
you install sql-ledger from source.  I tried to install from source code
too, but did not know what to input when prompted...hmmm...I cannot
remember the two prompts.  Something about user group or user name, and

3.  Basically, I believe I need to start fresh and work with someone who
knows what to do!

Source3 Computing,

Andrew Parker

On Wed, 2008-01-23 at 08:06 -0700, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> Andrew Parker writes:
> >Does anyone have experience setting up PostgreSQL and/or SQL-Ledger?  
> I've done it.
> >I have tried to follow numerous how-to's and "Beginning Databases with
> >PostgreSQL" by APRESS publication, but I am really confused since I am
> >new to Linux.
> >
> >I installed PostgreSQL using apt and also compiled it from source (just
> >to see what happens).  I believe I am getting stuck when it comes to
> >creating the initial database server (template1).
> What's happening?

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