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Re: [Ubuntu-US-NM] help with my linux

ndisgtk is in the universe repos. To enable the Universe repos go to...

System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager -> Settings ->

Make sure that there is a check next to..

"Community-maintained Open Source software"

Once this is checked click "CLOSE" then click the "RELOAD" button.

After the reload finishes click search and do a search for
"ndisgtk" (without the quotes).

Now click on the box next to ndisgtk and select "Mark for Installation" 

Lastly click the "apply" button.

Hope this helps..


On Sat, 2007-12-29 at 12:04 -0600, Jimmy Turner wrote:
> Hi i'm a complete newb I have ubuntu 7.10 on my other computer. I cant
> seem to get the internet to work.
> I can't even get my wireless thing to show up on the computer. Its a
> 2Wire usb wireless receiver. 
> Where it says 
> Ubuntu supports a system known as NDISWrapper. This allows you to use
> a Windows wireless device driver under Ubuntu.
>      1. Obtain the Windows Driver for your system and locate the file
>         that ends with .inf.
>      2. Install ndisgtk (System ? Administration ? Synaptic Package
>         Manager).
>      3. Open ndisgtk (System ? Administration ? Windows Wireless
>         Drivers ).
>      4. Select Install new driver.
>      5. Choose the location of your Windows .inf file and click
>         Install.
>      6. Click OK.
> in the help forums i cant find ndisgtk in the synaptic thing. I am
> totally lost and have no IDEA what to do. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

- Eric 

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