[Ubuntu-US-NM] EPC Meeting

Daniel Willard dwillar at swcp.com
Sat Feb 23 18:10:17 GMT 2008

DThomas at metrocourt.state.nm.us wrote:
> Yesterday we had a meeting at the EPC building for part of our EPC 
> project. We inventoried computers and did some limited testing in 
> preparation for the configuration of the EPC computer Lab
> that we start this Sunday at 10:00am.  Thanks to Tina, Eric, and Mike for 
> getting the meeting organized.
> We have the need for these items:
> cat5 cable and crimpers
> 48 port switch
> extra computers (if you have one to donate)
> Dry eraser, and markers
> A good UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
> Extra Memory (dimms)
> (14) 2" binders for Ubuntu Manuals
> Things to think about in the future for the Computer Lab:
> Copy Scanner station
> File and print server
> Dans Guardian and Squid "filtering"
> Please see this page for more information about the EPC project
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Endorphin_Power_Company_Ubuntu_Install_and_Support
> David Thomas


    I have a Dell Dimension XPS R350 system that was given to me 
recently (not used since 2004). It has Windows2000 on an 8 gig HD. I 
cleaned it up and installed Ubuntu 7.10 to dual boot. It has a DVD 
reader and an Iomega zip drive. A 56k modem and I installed a NIC as the 
former owner must have needed the original. This is a complete system 
with monitor, keyboard etc. All the manuals and a printer (HP Deskjet 720C).

    It just is not what I need and my wife would be happy if I can find 
it a good home.

    I think I will just build another system by summer as time permits. 
I like to tinker and have really enjoyed the Ubuntu challenge. Started 
with 6.06 LTS and then went to 7.10 with the DVD repositories (I am 
severely bandwidth challenged 56k modem). Big difference in 7.10. I 
think I'll keep it!

    I have a prior commitment for Sunday so give me a call at 294-8793 
and we can may arrangements for the system if you can use it.

    I would like to get a look at the EPC project soon. I might be able 
to donate some time to the project depending on the level of expertise 
it tales.

Semper Fi
Dan Willard

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