[Ubuntu-US-NM] Likewise-Open my dreams have come true

Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 12:17:24 GMT 2008

SADMS does the same thing....



DThomas at metrocourt.state.nm.us wrote:
> What can I say this has been a good day, I tried likewise open for the 
> first time, and needless to say it does exactly what it said it would do.
> http://www.likewisesoftware.com/products/likewise_open/
> Here is prpoganda from the web site,
> *Open source community for Linux authentication on Active Directory*
> *The Basics*
>     * _Introduction_
>       <http://www.likewisesoftware.com/products/likewise_open/>
>     * _Comparing Likewise Enterprise and Likewise Open_
>       <http://www.likewisesoftware.com/products/likewise_open/comparing_enterprise_and_open.php>
> *Likewise Open*
> Likewise Open enables Linux authentication on a Microsoft network 
> using Active Directory. A user can now interactively log in to the 
> Linux machine using Active Directory credentials, and can access any 
> kerberized services that the Linux machine hosts.
> This is an open source community project sponsored by Likewise 
> Software. You can _download Likewise Open_ 
> <http://www.likewisesoftware.com/download/> without cost and use it to 
> join Linux machines to your Active Directory infrastructure. Or, if 
> you are a developer, you can _get involved_ 
> <http://www.likewisesoftware.com/community/index.php/participate> in 
> making Likewise Open an even better tool for the community.
> *What it Does*
>     * Joins Linux systems to Microsoft Windows Active Directory domains
>     * Authenticates users with a single user name and password on both
>       Windows and Linux systems
>     * Enforces the same password policies for Linux users as for
>       Windows users
> *Is Likewise Open the solution for you?*
> It is becoming more common all the time for enterprises to use mixed 
> IT environments with Linux systems and Windows systems operating side 
> by side. This strategy enables cost effective use of best-of-breed 
> solutions, but it also creates difficulties in managing user 
> identities and controlling access to resources.
> Perhaps you are experiencing some of these complexities:
>     * Your users have separate names and passwords on Linux and Windows
>     * You have concerns about password security, and no good way to
>       enforce password policies
>     * You are struggling with a do-it-yourself authentication solution
>       using LDAP
> If these scenarios sound familiar, then Likewise Open may be just what 
> you are looking for. Likewise Open lets you use Active Directory to 
> authenticate all your users, both Windows and Linux.
> David Thomas
> IT Specialist Manager
> Bernalillo County Metropolitan Courts
> 401 Lomas NW
> Albuquerque, NM 87103
> dthomas at metrocourt.state.nm.us
> 505-841-9807 

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