[Ubuntu-US-NM] Likewise-Open my dreams have come true

DThomas at metrocourt.state.nm.us DThomas at metrocourt.state.nm.us
Tue Feb 19 22:20:54 GMT 2008

What can I say this has been a good day, I tried likewise open for the 
first time, and needless to say it does exactly what it said it would do.


Here is prpoganda from the web site, 

Open source community for Linux authentication on Active Directory

The Basics
Comparing Likewise Enterprise and Likewise Open
Likewise Open
Likewise Open enables Linux authentication on a Microsoft network using 
Active Directory. A user can now interactively log in to the Linux machine 
using Active Directory credentials, and can access any kerberized services 
that the Linux machine hosts.
This is an open source community project sponsored by Likewise Software. 
You can download Likewise Open without cost and use it to join Linux 
machines to your Active Directory infrastructure. Or, if you are a 
developer, you can get involved in making Likewise Open an even better 
tool for the community.
What it Does
Joins Linux systems to Microsoft Windows Active Directory domains
Authenticates users with a single user name and password on both Windows 
and Linux systems
Enforces the same password policies for Linux users as for Windows users
Is Likewise Open the solution for you?
It is becoming more common all the time for enterprises to use mixed IT 
environments with Linux systems and Windows systems operating side by 
side. This strategy enables cost effective use of best-of-breed solutions, 
but it also creates difficulties in managing user identities and 
controlling access to resources.
Perhaps you are experiencing some of these complexities:
Your users have separate names and passwords on Linux and Windows
You have concerns about password security, and no good way to enforce 
password policies
You are struggling with a do-it-yourself authentication solution using 
If these scenarios sound familiar, then Likewise Open may be just what you 
are looking for. Likewise Open lets you use Active Directory to 
authenticate all your users, both Windows and Linux.

David Thomas
IT Specialist Manager
Bernalillo County Metropolitan Courts
401 Lomas NW
Albuquerque, NM 87103

dthomas at metrocourt.state.nm.us
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