[Ubuntu-US-NM] EPC suggestion

Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 16:08:38 GMT 2008

I think that caching packages is a great idea. A cool idea may be to 
carve out a bit of storage from the FreeNAS, once it is built, and mount 
the NAS share, via NFS, to /var/cache/apt on each of the workstations. 
That way there is a central area that all packages are shared and cached 
for all workstations to see.

Food for though.


Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> Running a cache is good -- but use apt-cacher.  apt-proxy is one of
> those projects that decided to do a complete rewrite for version 2,
> and never really got traction again.  I was running it for a while,
> and had a lot of frustration with the proxy failing to track changes
> in the the Python 'twisted' framework.
> I've found that with minimal configuration apt-cacher 'just works',
> and sits quietly on one of my machines serving .debs to the others.
> It also has a nice web-based traffic report facility.

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