[Ubuntu-US-NM] EPC Shared Storage Ideas?

Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 14:27:59 GMT 2008

One of the things that I've really been mulling over for the EPC Project
was how to do shared storage.  This is something that I see would not
only be used among the Computer Lab PC's but also throughout EPC.  Now
this is not something that I'm seeing that we need to implement Feb 24th
but rather later on.  

That said I'm I would like all ideas from as many of you as possible.  
So here's what I see that the shared storage needs to be...

1. Cheap or Free Hardware.
2. Excellent hardware support.
3. Fault tolerant. 
3. Easy to setup.
4. Easy to maintain.
5. Support as many file sharing protocols as possible.
6. Good support from the Open source community. 

The software project that seems to fit all of the above appears to be
the FreeNAS Project (http://www.freenas.org).  I think we have all the
hardware to build a FreeNAS box except for the hard drives.

Are there any other thoughts or experiences with something better? 


- Eric 

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