[Ubuntu-US-NM] Hey Gnome users

Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 19:46:14 GMT 2008


DThomas at metrocourt.state.nm.us wrote:
> Wow what a find I've been wanting this and it was there all the time.
> *Window grouping can be a big help in keeping your Window List from 
> becoming overcrowded. When you have multiple windows of the same 
> application (such as your web browser) open, only the application name 
> will show in the window list. When selected, a dropdown will list all 
> open windows for that application, which makes it easier to find the 
> one you are looking for.*
> 1. Right-click the Window List portion of your panel.
> 2. Select *Preferences*.
> 3. When the Window List Preferences window appears, go to the *Window 
> Grouping* section. Select either the *Group windows when space is 
> limited* or the *Always group windows* radio button
> David Thomas

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