[ubuntu-us-nm] IRC Meetings?

Joel Edwards joeledwards at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 00:14:32 BST 2008

Chris, sorry that you will be getting this twice. I am not good at the whole
"Reply to All" convention.

Are we talking face-2-face or online meetings? I hope to be able to make
both a bit more often now. The last few months have been crazy. 2 weeks in
Oregon, 10 days in Honduras, a new job, a new apartment. Now that things are
settling down and I have internet again (QWest this time :) I will be
available to be more active. That and the EPC (we still meeting there?) is
almost next door now.

That beings said, I think weekends are a good idea pretty much any way you
look at it. Saturday mornings are great, but not Sundays, I am a
church-goer. So early Saturday +1.


On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 9:46 AM, Eric Krieger <grammatoncleric at ubuntu.com>wrote:

> I'd like to propose a new time and day for the Ubuntu Team meetings.   My
> schedule is getting a little crazy with work and I'll soon be taking several
> courses at UNM, so how does moving the weekly meetings to the weekend sound
> to everyone?  Thursdays are...as they say in England..right out for me.
> Eric
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