[ubuntu-us-nm] 8.04 upgrade stories

Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 19:31:37 BST 2008

Here's mine....

The Bad:

1 - Flash was broken no sound and very choppy playback. Had to install
libflashsupport and libflash-mozplugin to fix flash issues.

2 - Pulse Audio sound quality leaves much to be desired. It seems that
anything (copying a file to an nfs share, searching the locatal hd,etc.)
can cause playback to crackly. No fix yet. Hope this move was not a
mistake for Ubuntu. That said moving between my laptop docking station
and native sound is working better but sounds like crap.

3 - Not impress with the new video setup menu. Had to install the
official NVIDIA drivers to gain some control over how my laptop handles
switching between local screen and my Dell 2407WFPHC monitor. Where did
all the settings go?

4 - VPNC - Was broken but protonchris rebuild of it works flawlessly.
Thanks protonchris!

5 - IPOD Support: I have a gen4 ipod. I use banshee/hipo to sync it to
my music collection. I use banshee because it will auto convert media
from say ogg to mp3 as it is syncing to the ipod. They only way that I
can get either banshee or hipo to work is to launch Rhythmbox first.
Once Rhythmbox see it I can then close Rhythmbox and use the other

The Good:

1 - System Monitor - looks awesome!

2 - OpenOffice - 2.4 is really nice!

3 - FireFox 3 - I like the fact that it's theme integrates with the
native GTK2 themes.

So far my biggest complaint is Pulse Audio.


Leif Gregory wrote:
> So my upgrade went pretty smooth. Had a few things requiring fixing.
> 1. Pysol-FC stopped working. Had to re-install python-imaging-tk. Must
> have gotten uninstalled during the upgrade.
> 2. Frostwire stopped working, conflict between Java alternatives or
> something. Had to run "sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-6-sun"
> which fixed it.
> 3. DigiKam got uninstalled somehow. apt-get fixed it and I ended up
> with the latest version, so that was nice. also didn't lose any of my
> config stuff.
> 4. Still got a weird problem with Xplanet where every once in a while
> my desktop wallpaper reverts to default Ubuntu. Xplanet is running an
> update to the desktop every few minutes so it reverts back to Xplanet
> again. Gonna have to dig through the Nautilus settings. I vaguely
> remember a similar issue way back when.
> 5. Ended up with icons out the wazoo on my top panel mainly because I
> had manually added some things, and in the upgrade they were added by
> default. Can't decide if I like Tracker or Beagle though. Got both up
> there till I decide.
> 6. I like the weather and locations addition to the date/time in the
> panel. My oldest daughter lives in Japan, so it's nice and easy to see
> what time it is there now.
> 7. Synergy was semi-broke with unacceptable lag on the clients. Seems
> to have to do with the FAIR_GROUP_SCHEDULER. Since I don't know enough
> about it yet, I'm just invoking Synergy with gksudo as a workaround.
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/194029
> 8. Lost my transparent menu bars under Compiz. I think I need to switch
> over to Emerald again to get them back. Just haven't gotten around to
> it yet.
> I haven't made it through all my apps yet, but other than those
> listed, I haven't run into any other problems. Gotta learn how to use
> the Policy Kit. 

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