[ubuntu-us-nm] How do you backup?

Leif Gregory ldgregory69 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 15:02:37 BST 2008

Wow.. That's involved! <grin>

I ran across something interesting last night that might be very useful
to me and the way I'm currently doing backups. Using FUSE to mount the
archive as a volume when I need to restore something.


On Thu, 17 Apr 2008 19:24:55 -0600
Eric Krieger <unmlobo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Leif! Let me tell ya... there are many ways to backup a system. Me? I
> used several ways.
> DAILY: I use a custom rsync script for data in my home directory
> which I sync to a home server, via a NFS share, and my network share
> at work, via a SMB share. I run this at both locations.
> WEEKLKY: I image my laptop. Using the Imaging process I wrote up
> here...
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=581680
> Once a month I image my home servers and lapotp to a usb drive that I
> rotate off site way from my home

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