[ubuntu-us-nm] How do you backup?

Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 02:24:55 BST 2008

Leif! Let me tell ya... there are many ways to backup a system. Me? I
used several ways.

DAILY: I use a custom rsync script for data in my home directory which I
sync to a home server, via a NFS share, and my network share at work,
via a SMB share. I run this at both locations.

WEEKLKY: I image my laptop. Using the Imaging process I wrote up here...


Once a month I image my home servers and lapotp to a usb drive that I
rotate off site way from my home.


Leif Gregory wrote:
> I've got a pocket sized external 250GB USB drive that I plug in every
> few days to my linux boxes and run the below script. I've heard of
> people doing rsync and other things, but I don't really know which is
> best. 
> Overall, I'm not really concerned with time as I plug the drive in, kick
> off the script and go do something else. It's still pretty quick, maybe
> 15 or so minutes.
> The only downside being the resulting tar is pretty big and I don't
> know the command line options to pull just a single folder or file out
> of it. 
> I figured I'd just either extract the whole thing to a secondary drive,
> or extract it to the original hard drive in the case of a full on
> failure. I periodically do a test restore to a secondary drive just to
> make sure it's viable. I also copy the USB drive to one of my desktops
> periodically in case I ever lose the USB drive or it gets damaged.
> #!/bin/sh
> #Backup linux installation to external hard drive
> sudo tar cvpzf "/media/WD Passport/laptop_backup.tgz" --exclude=/proc
> --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/sys 
> --exclude="/media/WD Passport" /
> I've got a different filename for the backup on each machine script.
> My preference really is to do a full backup each time rather than
> messing with incrementals.
> The restore script (for full on restores) does recreate the
> directories I'm excluding from the backup. 
> I realize that the tar is not encrypted, and I'm not overly concerned
> with that. I have DriveCrypt volumes (part of the backup) which are
> encrypted and contain all my sensitive info. If they want to look at
> all my Hawaii and Mexico vacation pictures and read up on Power
> Wagon technical specs from the unencrypted data, then they're welcome
> to. <grin>
> So, what are some better ways?

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