[ubuntu-us-nm] Has anyone ordered from System76

paige user pixel.art at graffiti.net
Tue Apr 15 14:13:16 BST 2008

  I considered ordering from them about two years ago, and finally decided against it based on experiences in the System76 forums.  The staff were very reticent about the hardware details for their systems.  Several times a question was posed about one of their boards (this usually had to do with the motherboard chipset and a specific feature the customer was looking for), and in all cases the response was something like "We cannot say anything at all about this feature/component/what-have-you, but all our components are top quality."  I don't doubt that they use decent quality hardware, but this type of response doesn't help if you have a specific requirement.  I tried to locate some of the old postings to back my statements up, but wasn't able to find them; I did, however, find a recent post on the Ubuntu forums that runs almost precisely the same way:

  (The first three posts show exactly what I mean, although this is more helpful than the exchanges I recall from 06/07.)

  Having said this, they seem to have plenty of happy customers, so I think it comes down to a question of how much the convenience of a pre-assembled system is worth to you, and how stringent your requirements are for your PC.

  Okay, back to lurking,
    -- Paige

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