[ubuntu-us-nm] Ubuntu ThinClients!!!!

Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 21:08:15 BST 2008

One of the things we are looking at here Charter is migrating to Thin
Client environment with a push to reuse old hardware.  We have
been demoing 2x (http://www.2x.com) Server and Clients but we ran into
serious issues with it's Citrix support.  So today I started looking at
LTSP (http://www.ltsp.org/).  I spent the last 4 hours building an
Ubuntu LTSP server (virtual machine of course) along with an ltsp client
image, with the Citrix support that was missing in the 2x.  Everything
is working awesome!  The only hard part was changing our Windows AD DHCP
scope to allow the PXE boot from the workstation NIC's.  

The great thing about LTSP is that if I need to add something to the
ThinClient image all I need to do is run the command...


...from the ltsp server. Tres cool!

- Eric 

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