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Tue Sep 18 15:34:16 BST 2007

Thanks, Eric. The folks I know of are a certified non-profit 501(c)3. I've
copied Sam Slishman, founder of Endorphin Power Company (
http://www.endorphinpower.org/), to make the connection.

I don't know if any members of this group would be willing to help EPC get
these computers up and running with Ubuntu, but it would be a real boon to
them; the site has many community center functions, and having the software
available would be a great thing for its clients, I'm sure. But I'll let you
and Sam connect.

Thanks again for your generosity.

On 9/18/07, Eric Krieger <unmlobo at gmail.com> wrote:
>  (Hope you don't mind but I also including the Ubuntu NM list in on this
> email.)
> All depends.  We (Charter Bank) are in the process of redesigning our
> Datacenter.   Currently the PC's are in our IT storage room which we need to
> clear space for the incoming APC equipment (i.e NetShelter Racks, Battery
> Racks, PDU Racks, etc.) for staging before it goes into the sever room. This
> week we are cleaning the storage room up and getting a list of equipment
> ready that we are donating and prepping the equipment.   In short the sooner
> the better but there is a little time as the new equipment is due to start
> in next week...or two.
> Again to receive the equipment the recipient must be a Non-profit and
> listed as such (i.e. Roadrunner food bank), just saying "I don't make a
> profit" won't be enough. I thought of that one and was told "to keep
> working." =P
> Feel free to email me at eric.krieger at charterco.com if you know of someone
> in need of PC's and I'll have our IT assistant call you and get the paper
> work to you that you need to fill out to get the PC's.
> Thanks,
> Eric
> On Mon, 2007-09-17 at 20:19 -0600, William Reichard wrote:
> Eric,
> I might have a taker for your computers. How quickly do you need to know?
> Tell Jim I said hi.
> All the best,
> Will Reichard
> - Eric
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> Eric Krieger
> Email: unmlobo at gmail.com
> "We've got an unbeatable team!"
>         -Sauron
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