Ubuntu-US-NM Linux tools to survive in Windows World

Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 12:13:58 BST 2007

Just thought I would share a couple tools that I use daily to survive in
a Windows based network.  I'd love to hear what Linux apps everyone else
uses daily...not necessarily for Windows. 

If you VNC or RDP to servers as much as I do this tool is a godsend.
It's pre-configured with may of the rdesktop options (i.e. Copy and
Paste between your linux machine and Windows).


If you need to have a linux machine (Server or Workstation) participate
in a Windows AD authentication.


If you have a Web App that only runs via Internet Explorer


Need to access Exchange Server with full functionality (i.e. Calender,
Contacts, etc.)


Of Course in the event that you need to do Windows Dev work or just need
to run a full version of Windows or a couple of OS's.


If you are like me and have Citrix in your environment there is a Citrix
Client for Linux.


To remember all the passwords that I need to keep track of KeePassX is
awesome.  As there are Linux, Windows, and mobile versions.





To sync my data between my laptop and servers I use Conduit.


Not really for Windows but a handy tool if you have a ton of Linux,
Unix, or Cisco devices that you ssh to.


- Eric

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