Ubuntu-US-NM Mythbuntu 7.10 Released

Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 15:05:23 GMT 2007

As a performance tip I would format the drive or partition that you are 
going to store your video files on to XFS. When it comes to large files 
XFS is by far better than EXT3 or ReiserFS.

To install the XFS format:

sudo apt-get install xfslibs-dev xfsprogs xfsdump uuid-dev

To format a partition XFS: (mind you don't do this on a drive that has 
data you want to keep)

mkfs.xfs /dev/xxx

To mount a XFS partition using fstab....

sudo nano /etc/fstab

make a line that looks like:

/dev/xxx /path/to/mount/ xfs auto 0 0


Eric Krieger wrote:
> I usually go for 850 -> 900 megs an hour. I've tested this setting on 
> a friends 50' HD Plasma/Buffalo Linktheater and it was really hard to 
> tell the difference between DVD and XVID.
> Eric
> Chris Brotherton wrote:
>> Eric,
>> I noticed you set a final filesize when using handbrake:
>>> /path/to/converted/movie.avi -e xvid -f avi -S 1700 -2 -E ac3
>> I assume that is for a 2 hour or so movie. What guideline do you use to
>> determine the final filesize (GB/hour??)?
>> Thanks,
>> Chris.

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