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Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 22:33:43 GMT 2007

I've been thinking about trying to recreate an ESX like environment with
the freeware version of VMWare server and Ubuntu. In theory if you... 

1 - Install Ubuntu Server on a backend server that has a ton of storage
which will be the "shared" storage server.

2 - Use NFS to share out big chunks of storage from the backend server.

3 - Install Ubuntu Server and VMWAre on the "frontend" servers (2 or

4 - Mount the shared NFS storage shares on all frontend servers

5 - When creating VM's create them on the NFS shares.

6 - Power up a VM on a single frontend server but point all the frontend
VM servers at all VM's.  This way if a frontend server dies you can
recover to one of the other frontend servers.

It should work.  Mind you having GigE network is sort of a must. Even
better Dual NIC's in the servers with separate GigE Switches or VLANs
(one for storage the other for data).


- Eric 

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