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Welcome to the list, and to Ubuntu. Utilizing this great O/S for the
community benefit is a great thing, and I hope you have much success
with it.

Re the sound issue, do you have the make/model of your on-board (or
separate) sound card? It could be a specific hardware issue with
Linux, or as simple as some hidden volume control adjustments. The
Ubuntu Wiki can be really helpful here, try
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToSetupSoundCards for starters.

We have an IRC channel on FreeNode (#ubuntu-newmexico), you're welcome
to idle, chat is occasional. :)


Rob Beckett
Santa Cruz Tech

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On 3/2/07, E Cardiel <magonista66 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi:
> My name is Enrique and I'm transitioning to Linux. My computer crashed and I
> had the person working on my machine set up a dual boot so I could start to
> work with Ubuntu.
> I'm going to test a few old donated machines with the Ubuntu install disk.
> If that doesn't work, I may try Freespire.
> Part of my work in community health will include making computers more
> affordable/accessable to lower-income community people in Albuquerque. So
> any suggestions would be great.
> Also, on my dual boot machine at home, I get great sound in Windows and none
> in Ubuntu? Any ideas? I'm a total newbie so I apologize if I end up
> bothering. But what I'm hoping for is to get our Southeast Albuquerque
> office to run primarily on Linux. And hopefully in our main office some
> people will move to things like OpenOffice.
> Thanks,
> Enrique
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