Ubuntu-US-NM New Mexico Loco Meetings

David Thomas dthomas at cableone.net
Sun Jun 10 17:24:44 BST 2007

Hello all,

Just wanted to drop this brief note on getting together for a Team New
Mexico Face to Face meeting. I had the privilege to meet Michael Rimbert
this Friday night( thanks for the beer I owe you one, ok I owe you two)
and we discussed the time and meeting place for a larger get together.
Flying Star is a good place but we need to change the location to a more
centralized one. The downtown one at 723 Silver Ave. in Albuquerque. We
need to talk to YardDog aka James Bunnell, and make sure he is in
agreement but once that is done we can set the date. Michael came up
with two great ideas, one was that we might need to make the places we
meet change from location to location to help out with those spread
around the State for example I'm in Rio Rancho and James is in Belen.
The other great idea is that we might have to have regional groups and
meet in some kind of convention or to build on Williams idea a

Michael could you forward this to James as I don't have his email
address (thought I did but I can't find it).

Also I'd like to contact http://fridge.ubuntu.com/ and let them know
about the New Mexico Loco but I'd like You and James' opinion before I

A brief history:
Michael (an official Ubuntu Member)and James did all the leg work on
getting the New Mexico Team, Launchpad, Wiki, team mailing list and IRC
channels off the ground. Therefor they act as the teams administrators
(for lack of a better word). Right now I'm acting as a kind of
unofficial communications officer, I make sure to check the New Mexico
team forums daily (well almost daily) to see if any questions need to be
answered, as well as send out IRC meeting times on the team mailing
list. I do my best to recruit as many new members as possible too. 

Please visit my website at http://myweb.cableone.net/dthomas/index.html
yes I know there are misspelled words "fat fingers" but the links and
contacts sections has a lot of info you might find interesting.

Hope you all are having a great weekend, and don't forget:
IRC Channel #ubuntu-newmexico - meetings every Thursday at 8:00pm

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