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Leland @ Brightroom leland at thebrightroom.biz
Fri Nov 26 18:56:36 GMT 2010

I downloaded VirtualBox a couple weeks ago, 'cause it seemed cool, but 
never really used it for anything... then this conversation comes along, 
and wow, I realize I'm sitting on a very interesting product DEFIANTLY 
worth learning about and playing with! Thank you all!

(Okay, that was my Geeksgiving thanks hahaha!)
((and will check out Hyper-V too, never hurts to learn more than one trick))

On 11/25/2010 2:36 PM, Ken Hansen wrote:
> VirtualBox can run as many machines as you like, as long as your hardware can support the load - if you have sufficient CPU, Memory, NIC, and storage capacity, VirtualBox should be fine.
> VirtualBox has 'baked-in' RDP and VNC console access to the VMs, IIRC. It will run on Solaris, Linux, Mac, and Windows - it is not a bare-metal solution. I've run several VMs at home on a nice quad-core box, but not in production - at $work we use Hyper-V.
> Ken
> On Nov 25, 2010, at 2:04 PM, Lee Sharp<leesharp at hal-pc.org>  wrote:
>> I need to run about 5-10 VMs at all times that others will connect to.
>> Can virtual box work in a server mode?  I thought it was a desktop app...

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