ubuntu-us-nj Ubuntu Computer fest?

Ryan Dunnion rdunnion at gmail.com
Wed May 19 22:35:25 BST 2010

Mercer County? Hey that's me! For now at least. That will be changing in
Aug. Could y'all start throwing out ideas of past events so I get a
baseline? As of now the only thing that comes to mind is having a table and
handing out DVD's and answering questions at TCNJ. - Ryan

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murph wrote:
> On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 18:51, Nick Mellis <nickmellis at gpnj.org> wrote:
>> Anyone with an  thought to have a Linux/Ubuntu fest in Mercer County?
> Just out of curiosity, did you attend TCF?  You might want to talk to
> them about organizing something for next year, in parallel.  It would
> be a good place to get together, and likely draw in new and interested
> users to GNU/Linux and Ubuntu.  I went to a few of the Linux talks,
> and they were all packed, so there is interest.

That would be no problem at all, all we would have to do is ask Katz.
You should have seen how many tickets I sold just for the Stallman talks.

Its ashame the vendor/hamfest/computerfest doesn't see more action (less 
and less each year), but the talks always draw a big crowd.

David L. Martin

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