ubuntu-us-nj Why our team isn't doing anything, and what you can do to help

Joe Terranova joeterranova at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 21:07:12 GMT 2010

>> Do people still want to do this?
> Uh, yes?
>> Would someone else want to be the team contact/leader/organizer?
> Not me.

That would be the general problem. People show up to events, but no
one really wants to organize them. It's always been that way for the
team. The problem is I don't want to do it either anymore.

> A LoCo that covers "New Jersey" is too broad.  Jersey has historically
> been divided into thirds (North/201, Central/908, South/609).

That's the way LoCo teams are made. Yes, there are teams that split up
the loco into subteams, but that requires even more leaders; our team
hardly has one as it is. I've had people from North Jersey say they
wanted to do this (one started out saying he wanted to /start/ a new
jersey team!), but they didn't follow through.

> Is there a membership roster?  Does it contain a member's zip code or
> county?  How many members are there?  On a scale from 1 (newbie) to 5
> (expert), what's the skill range of members?

I have a membership roster, but no idea of the dedication of said
members -- ie are they actually going to do stuff, or did they just
add the loco team like they'd add a facebook group? Usually, it's been
the latter. And no, no idea of the location.

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