ubuntu-us-nj Why our team isn't doing anything, and what you can do to help

Michael Hanson mhanson at hx4.com
Mon Feb 1 03:51:22 GMT 2010

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In my opinion I think that here in NJ USA there is a limited market for an Ubuntu LoCo. The fact is that we
are technically advanced and educated and make heavy use of technology already. Any potential market for Linux
is not necessarily served by a distribution specific support team. It's just not going to flourish like it
would in less developed areas. That to me is the main reason for a lack of activity. However, I think it can
find a place. I suspect that an Ubuntu (or any distribution specific) LoCo has a best chance of success by
assimilating into the already established Linux communities. Rather than initiating efforts to promote Ubuntu
if we simply supplement and support the already existing and future efforts of the currently active community
we stand a better chance of educating on and promoting Ubuntu and Linux in general.

In my experience as a LUG host here in northern NJ, (njlinux.org) we have very sporadic attendance and most
often an anemic response when it come to volunteering i.e. Software Freedom Day. We are not distribution
specific so to try and do something similar and advertise as a distro specific has to be a monumental task.

I think the Ubuntu LoCo can succeed though, simply by making itself known and available to the NJ Linux
community at large. They are already making the efforts necessary to spread the Linux word, Ubuntu LoCo just
needs to be there for them to speak specifically of Ubuntu. The subsequent success will not be measured the
The NJ Ubuntu LoCo original ideas or initiatives but by its association with the initiatives of the Linux
community at large.

I cant imagine it would be that difficult to get every active LUG in NJ to have a few members of the NJ LoCo
in their group. As long as those few members are staying up to date with the Ubuntu philosophies and
initiatives then the LoCo will be represented, influential and successful by proxy. We already have two LoCo
members here in the north at the njlinux.org LUG. Those few reps from each LUG can be responsible for
reporting back to the LoCo on the happenings in their LUG communities so that the LoCo can participate as

If we can begin to accomplish this and function in this sort of way I believe this provides a road-map and a
sound argument for the continued existence of the NJ LoCo.

Im willing to help.

I hope this made sense and I didn't ramble too much. If you would like to talk on the phone feel free to drop
me a line with your number and Ill call.



Joe Terranova wrote:
> Hello people. Long time, no see.
> Basically, for almost 2 years now, we haven't done anything. We've
> gotten together to man a table at the Trenton Computer Festival, and
> for the rare LAN party, but that's about it.
> That's my fault. I'm the team contact, and I'm supposed to organize
> these things. However, I don't have the time or motivation to organize
> this by myself, and I haven't for a while.
> We were approved as a LoCo team on November 29, 2007. The new LoCo
> team policy says that every 2 years, approved teams need to be
> reviewed. When we're up for review, which is just a matter of when the
> LoCo Team council gets around to it, I'll have nothing to say for the
> past year but a table and presentation at TCF.
> So, some questions:
> Do people still want to do this?
> Would someone else want to be the team contact/leader/organizer?
> Would you want to, if you had help?
> If no one will take this off my hands, can someone help me get things
> going again?
> Thanks,
> Joe Terranova

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