ubuntu-us-nj Newb here

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Tue Aug 17 18:03:16 BST 2010

>>> I definitely think people would come out if we put together a shore-side group (meaning anywhere in east-ish monmouth county)

Hi all. Newb here again. I don't want to impose, but, the museum I mentioned in my first email yesterday (InfoAge Science Center, in Wall Township) would be happy to host such user groups.

Of course we don't want to cannibalize ACGNJ/LUNICS, or the Princeton group, etc., but IMHO the geographies are sufficiently distinct that everyone would understand.

We're also talking with some locals who want to make a Jersey shore hackerspace. (Again, no disrespect to the nascent FUBAR Labs, but that's mostly a Rutgers group.)

So, if anyone is interested other than Gary and Jonathan, then let me know and I'll provide details and/or arrange a private tour of our museum campus.

Crawling back under my respectful newb rock now.  :)

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