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Leland @ Brightroom leland at thebrightroom.biz
Tue Aug 17 07:27:41 BST 2010

   Hi Evan!
AFAIK the only thing to 'learn' is the command line. Everything else in 
Ubuntu - as with most GUI distros, is fairly self explanatory. 
Installing drivers and software has become so much easier, although each 
distro has it's distinct way of doing things.

For Anti-Virus, Brent is right, it's pretty much a non issue, HOWEVER, 
it is helpful if you get e-mails with virus payloads in them... that way 
you can at least inform the sender they have sent a virus-laden file. 
Also it will alert you to driveby-download internet sites - which 
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! you don't have to worry about but it's nice to know when 
you've hit one.

I strongly recommend http://www.avast.com/ as I use it on XP, VIsta, 7 
and Ubuntu, the basic version is free, it rocks, it's saved me several 
times!!! (windows computers, that is) and did the aforementioned e-mail 
alert twice in Linux.

Also: Copy what Brent said about firewalls, when you're on 24/7 with 
shares it's something to be aware of. Had a server once (Suse) that was 
fine for about a year then WHAMMO, it got mucked up with filesharing 
stuff because I didn't have firewall on it. What was I thinking!! ; >

Good luck, and have fun!

On 8/17/2010 12:49 AM, Evan Koblentz wrote:
>    Hello world --
> Installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my primary PC last week.  I miss some of XP's
> bells and whistles, but mostly I'm happy with this alternative.  At
> first I was impressed with how quickly it boots -- then I was MORE
> impressed with how quickly it shuts down!
> Other than some Solaris in college (mid-1990s) and even less Red Hat at
> work (late 1990s), I have no *nix experience at all.
> Non-commercial plug: I think old-fashioned user groups are awesome.  I'm
> founder and president of a group called MARCH (Mid-Atlantic Retro
> Computing Hobbyists) ..... we're a motley crew of retrotech fans, mostly
> focusing on computers from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  We have a
> bricks-and-mortar computer museum in Wall Township, and we host the
> annual Vintage Computer Festival East.  Ya'll may have met us at TCF,
> HOPE, etc.
> Anyway, I'd like to meet locals who can help me learn Ubuntu.
> First big question: in XP, I was fanatical about updating my A/V,
> anti-spyware, firewall, etc. ...... are these non-issues in Linux?  Or
> what should I be using for security?
> And when is the next meeting?
> - Evan

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