ubuntu-us-nj LoCo Team Jumpstart

David L. Martin dlmarti at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 14:23:41 GMT 2009

Benjamin Rubin wrote:
> Hello New Jersey!
> Well folks, it looks to me like our LoCo is a bit dead these days.  I 
> understand that life got in the way of planning new events, but I'm 
> willing to devote some of my time to see us get back on our feet.  To 
> start, why don't we have a meeting in #ubuntu-us-nj on December 5th at 
> 5pm?  We can see who is still active and get an interest check on what 
> sorts of things we might want to do.
Its been my experience that getting people online during the day on the 
weekend is hit-or-miss.  You might want to try 9pm instead, or a weekday.

Either way, its on my calendar.

David L. Martin

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