ubuntu-us-nj Request for advice

Joe Terranova joeterranova at gmail.com
Sun May 3 03:23:32 BST 2009

> I’m seriously considering switching from XP SP3 to Ubuntu 9.04; dual boot
> option initially.  I have a single 82 gig hard drive using NTFS.  If I go
> with an external USB hard drive instead of adding an internal hard drive
> will it work to install Ubuntu on to?   Scared to repartition the existing
> hard drive due to a bad experience years ago and use of NTFS verses FAT 32.

I know you've gotten a lot of advice on alternatives, but if you still
want to give with your original suggestion, it does work:

Looks pretty straight forward. Installs ubuntu on your external,
installs the boot load (grub) on your internal hard drive.

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