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David A. Harding dave at dtrt.org
Mon Mar 2 00:18:46 GMT 2009


The LoCo will have a table at this year's Trenton Computer Festival
(TCF) and a couple of our members may be teaching sessions. I want to
start gathering ideas about what we're doing this year.

The last three years, our tables held a demo desktop, a demo laptop,
some Linux and free software-powered devices, and CDs. Two or more
volunteers stood by the table and talked to anyone who was interested
in Ubuntu. For two years before Og and Bryan organized the first
Ubuntu table, the Linux Users Group in Princeton (LUG/IP) did almost
the same thing.

Is there anything we can try to do different this year?  Do you have any
suggestions about how to get more people interested in Ubuntu?  Please
tell us.

I have a few ideas:

    * This is the first year several TCF vendors may be selling
      Linux-powered netbooks. I want to make a tri-fold brochure about
      the local GNU+Linux community that we can give to the vendors and
      they can display next to the netbooks.  Here's the headline,

		       We can help.

    * We usually schedule a TCF follow-up event -- for example, an
      installfest. If we figure it out ahead of time, I'll write up a
      nice flyer.

    * Let's make a giant poster of Ubuntu versus Windows 7. We can put
      it up on a easel stand behind the table.

    * TCF Linux LAN party. There's a bunch of people who hold a LAN
      party at TCF; we can see if they're willing to have an hour-long
      GNU+Linux-friendly session, which we'll advertise.

Please critique my ideas and let me hear your ideas,

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