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Benjamin Rubin bnrubin at ubuntu.com
Fri Dec 11 18:21:38 GMT 2009

 Heya Everyone,

Looks like the original email about this Geeknic had the wrong date posted.

The actual event is happening on the 12th of December.  Yes, that's
tomorrow.  Sorry for the short notice. Hope everyone who planned to attend
can still make it.

The rest of the information is still valid:

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 1:28 PM, David A. Harding <dave at dtrt.org> wrote:

> For the third geek get together on the east coast this year we'll be
> taking over an arcade! So yes, a little odd for a geeknic, but it is
> getting cold in these parts, so it's time for us geeks to get out and do
> something. We'll have 2 hours of freeplay time (so you don't need any
> quarters) on over 100 machines, exclusive to this event. The cost is $12
> a person if you pay before December 1st or $14 after, including at the
> door, so sign up today! Send an email to Jonathan <jonathand at geeknic.org>
> for registration details or with any questions you may have.
>    Note: The PayPal price will be slightly higher to cover the PayPal
>          fees. Our best guess is that it'll be about $0.65.
>          Email Jonathan for details.
> We'll be on location from 1pm to 3pm and will be heading out for
> food after at a local restaurant where you are welcome to join us.
> (details on that will be posted shortly) Dinner is not included in the
> price (which is only for game time) but we'll be at a reasonably
> priced place.
> We will be at the Pinball Parlour:
>    808 Allentown Rd.
>    Earlington, PA 18918
> http://maps.google.com/?q=808%20Allentown%20Rd.%0AEarlington%2C%20PA%2018918
>    (About 1 hour from Cherry Hill or Trenton)
> -Dave
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