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In my recent Linux presentations I strongly encouraged that folks  
dowload the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference by Keir Thomas (from  
memory) it covers everything an interested new user would initially  
want, except WUBI and more advanced topics.

As for cd download, there it's not that it's hard, it is that it is  
not familiar territory for a lot of people (but not all).

If you've only run OEM installs of Windows or OS X, you likely never  
had occasion to burn a .ISO file. You can enter into the process of  
training new users to burn a CD-R or you can hand them a live CD-R and  
they just need to rebout into the CD.

My view of TCF may be skewed, but I've been attending since the  
mid-80's, almost always with a fleamarket space, and attendence is  
almost 90% tech folks (aka "know it alls") these days. Non-technical  
'curious' attendees are rare, at what, $20 entry fee on Saturday, less  
on Sunday.

Not trying to be argumentitive, that is how "I" have seen TCF, YMMV.


On Apr 13, 2009, at 9:41 AM, Dossy Shiobara <dossy at panoptic.com> wrote:

> On 4/13/09 9:18 AM, n2vip at verizon.net wrote:
>> Joe, all:
>> I can't commit to time at the table, but just a few thoughts:
>> - I think it is good to have some CD-Rs w/Ubuntu Linux (9.04) - but  
>> no
>> need for a great number, but a few for those interested would be  
>> helpful.
> Seriously, in 2009, is downloading a CD or DVD .iso that much of a  
> hurdle?
> Perhaps design a 4-up postcard-sized guide to downloading and  
> installing
> Ubuntu, print a hundred or two of those and hand them out to anyone  
> who
> wants it, rather than burning a crapload of CD's or DVD's.
>> - TCF may not be a place where you'll find "newbies", and non-newbies
>> will have tried Ubuntu (or any other Linux/*BSD) already
> Right!  What would be more valuable than handing out install media  
> could
> be setting up a few live Ubuntu and Debian machines at the booth with
> the latest of everything shiny and cool to let folks try out.
> Especially important are those non-newbies who think they know what
> Linux is because they "tried" it a few _years_ ago and formed negative
> opinions of it.  If you give them a very low-barrier-to-entry way of
> re-evaluating it with a live system at the TCF, they may reconsider  
> and
> give it another shot.
>> - Providing pointers, a friendly face, and help with minor  
>> frustrations
>> should be the goal of the booth - reinforcing interest
> Booth babes and hunks!  :-)
>> I just gave a couple presentations in my community on linux (in  
>> general)
>> this month, and most attendees had tried Linux a few years ago but  
>> had
>> problems - they will want to know if their personal itches have been
>> scratched (yet)...
> +1.  Exactly.
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