ubuntu-us-nj Trenton Computer Festival April 25-26

Joe Terranova joeterranova at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 02:29:53 BST 2009

Hello everyone,

The Ubuntu LoCo Team will be at the Trenton Computer Festival on
Aprile 25th and 26th. Bryan and I will both be giving presentations
(Mine will be on Asterisk, Bryan will be doing the stump speech on
Linux), we'll have a table, and we'll be doing demos. I'm not sure if
we're giving out CDs (Dave and Bryan suggested this was pretty futile,
as people take them and don't do anything with them), but we'll be
giving out information on Linux and Ubuntu, along side PLUG's table.

You can find out more about TCF here:

If you want to sign up to be at the tables for one of the days, sign up here:
(If you don't want to sign up for Launchpad to add one line to the
wiki page, just email me your info).

I only got 5 badges for the weekend, and we're already pretty full,
which is why I'm sending this to the LoCo team list only for now; I'll
post this on our webpage, and send an email to the LUGs in a few days.
If there are people in the LoCo team that want to come after the list
fills up, shoot me an email and I'll see what we can do.

As I said earlier, Dave and Bryan suggested that we not give out CDs.
Does anyone have suggestions on what we should give out? Last year we
gave out a cheat sheet that listed web sites for New Jersey LUGs (and
PLUG), and support information for Ubuntu. Dave suggested having
people bring USB sticks to load Ubuntu on. Personally, I'm OK with not
spending Thursday and Friday night burning CDs on 3 computers, but I
want to see if anyone else has suggestions.

Joe Terranova

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