ubuntu-us-nj RUSLUG Installfest - Sunday March 30, Newbie Night - Tuesday April 1

David A. Harding dave at dtrt.org
Thu Mar 27 13:33:32 GMT 2008

The Rutgers Student Linux Users Group can help you install Ubuntu on
your computer at their 7th semi-annual InstallFest this Sunday.  

Directions and more details below in Jason Antman's email.


----- Forwarded message from Jason Antman <jantman at nbcs.rutgers.edu> -----

I've been working with Rob & Bert lately discussing some events:

THIS Sunday, March 30th we'll be having the annual INSTALLFEST in the
EIT lab, 10 AM - 6 PM.
Anyone new and interested in installing Linux is more than welcome to
attend. We'll have food and drink, and some resident experts to help
with installing your choice of distribution - or some recommended ones.
Everyone is encouraged to attend - whether you're just getting started,
looking for some friends to help installing that obscure distro, or just
want to chat.
As per Rob, please be sure to defrag *before* you arrive if you're
installing multi-boot alongside another (non-Unix) OS, as it can take
*quite a while*.

For anyone interested, I'll also be there with some Sun stuff - CDs, and
maybe even raffling off some door prizes if enough people show up. For
anyone interested, I;ll have CDs of Solaris, Open Solaris (Developer &
Community Edition), and the "Developer Preview" LiveCD for anyone who's
interested in playing around with it. (Of course, I'm also stocked with
NetBeans6 and Sun Studio CDs).

TUESDAY, April 1st, we'll be having the annual NEWBIE NIGHT, as a
follow-up to the Installfest. As always, it will be in the EIT lab at 9
PM. It's a great time for those new to Linux to stop by and get some
directions, ask whatever questions you have, and take some distributions
for a test drive. Anyone can attend - whether you're just looking to
find out what Linux (and Free Software) is all about, get some pointers,
or share your experience.

Once again, for anyone interested in seeing what's out there that's Free
and not Linux, I'll be around to answer any Sun questions and give some
stuff out. And no, I don't have MySQL CDs officially, but if anyone
wants something, I'd be more than happy to burn it.

-J Antman

PS - If anyone (especially anyone in ResNet space) wants CDs or DVDs
burned, please drop me an E-Mail 36 hours in advance and I'll burn them
for you. Just bring the equivalent number of blank CDs/DVDs to trade
(unless it's Sun stuff, then don't worry about the blanks).

EIT Lab Directions: http://ruslug.rutgers.edu/w/EitDirections

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