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Sat Mar 15 15:37:44 GMT 2008

Tentatively count me in for either of these, I don't have have anything scheduled those dates yet. I like to prosyletize (and install!).  

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>Hi guys!
>I wanted to run some ideas by the group for events. I think one of the
>best events we've had so far was the Linux LAN[1], and I think I'd
>like to have another one -- maybe with more people, and a bit more
>organized. Who would be up for one mid-April?
>TCF[2] is April 26th and 27th, and this year, we'll be representing
>the LUGs. LUG/IP will be providing flyers (and probably some members),
>and I'll have stuff for CHLUG (and possibly RUSLUG) as well. If it's
>released early enough, and I can get a good enough connection to pull
>down the iso, I'll be able to burn Hardy CDs while we're there on
>Saturday (I'll have them ready for Sunday at the least).
>The main differences from last year? There won't be a separate LUG/IP
>table (so we'll be bearing the brunt of the Linux prosyletizing), I'll
>be giving a presentation on Hardy on Saturday . . . and I'd like to be
>able to invite people to a Hardy install fest!
>I'd like us to have a Hardy installfest the weekend after TCF,
>preferably in the Trenton area, so that we can follow-up with the
>people we talk to. Does anyone have any suggestions/nominations for
>Joe Terranova
>[1] http://gnuisance.net/blog/t/2007/ul-lan200712.html
>[2] http://tcf-nj.org/web/
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