ubuntu-us-nj Event Ideas

Joe Terranova joeterranova at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 05:23:40 GMT 2008

Hi guys!

I wanted to run some ideas by the group for events. I think one of the
best events we've had so far was the Linux LAN[1], and I think I'd
like to have another one -- maybe with more people, and a bit more
organized. Who would be up for one mid-April?

TCF[2] is April 26th and 27th, and this year, we'll be representing
the LUGs. LUG/IP will be providing flyers (and probably some members),
and I'll have stuff for CHLUG (and possibly RUSLUG) as well. If it's
released early enough, and I can get a good enough connection to pull
down the iso, I'll be able to burn Hardy CDs while we're there on
Saturday (I'll have them ready for Sunday at the least).

The main differences from last year? There won't be a separate LUG/IP
table (so we'll be bearing the brunt of the Linux prosyletizing), I'll
be giving a presentation on Hardy on Saturday . . . and I'd like to be
able to invite people to a Hardy install fest!

I'd like us to have a Hardy installfest the weekend after TCF,
preferably in the Trenton area, so that we can follow-up with the
people we talk to. Does anyone have any suggestions/nominations for

Joe Terranova

[1] http://gnuisance.net/blog/t/2007/ul-lan200712.html
[2] http://tcf-nj.org/web/

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