ubuntu-us-nj Planning for [...] The BBQ/LAN Party

Joe Terranova joeterranova at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 16:17:11 BST 2008

> Wow.  Bland.
> Yet again, the truism "one size fits nobody" is proved true.


> Now that we've gotten past the name, can we start promoting this?  I've
> already told folks about it under the name 2parties1state, but I'll just
> let them know that the New Jersey Ubuntu Local Community Summer 2008
> BBQ/LAN Party is what it's officially called.

You can start promoting it, but I haven't set up a signup page yet --
because I'm not sure how to  handle the 5 dollars rsvp thing. I can
set up drupal to integrate with paypal, but it's a real pain. I'd
rather just do it manually -- you send me 5, I send you the addresses.
What do you think? If we do it that way, I can set it up tonight, as I
already have a lan party boiler plate.

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