ubuntu-us-nj Planning for "2 Parties 1 State" [BETA] -- The BBQ/LAN Party

David A. Harding dave at dtrt.org
Sat Jul 19 16:50:43 BST 2008

Christina Eater wrote:
| David A. Harding wrote:
| What the heck, Dave?

I think you already understand the heck, but I'll explain it anyway:
the allusion to a popular and memorable movie trailer draws readers'
attention while the accuracy of the phrase informs them about our
party plans. That's a lot to ask of a short phrase, but I think it
gets the job done.

I know that movie trailer is disgusting, but I recall the discussion we
had about the trailer during our first LAN party and all the jokes that
were made then. If we can discuss the trailer in icky detail at the
party, why shouldn't we make innocent allusion to it in our

I'm willing to change the party name, but I want you to either persuade
me with argument or persuade me with a better name.  You can also ask
Joe to make a command decision or start a poll; I'll adhere to whatever
they decide.


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