ubuntu-us-nj December 2008 Friendly Reminder

David A. Harding dave at dtrt.org
Fri Dec 5 13:22:10 GMT 2008

Tonight's CHLUG meeting will feature talks on the Curses programing
library, the Powertop diagnostics tool, and the NJ Ubuntu LoCo's Bug
Squashing month.  For directions, please see the CHLUG Website:



    19:00 - 19:15   Introductions
    19:15 - 19:40   Curses: The Self-Describing Library
		      by David A. Harding
    19:40 - 20:10   Powertop: Not a Substitute for a Balanced Diet
		      by Bryan Quigley
    20:10 - 20:20   Intermission
    20:20 - 21:00   Bug Squashing: In The Cherry Hill Library Basement
		      by NJ Ubuntu LoCo Team Members

    Meeting followed by pizza at the next-door Italian restaurant.

I hope to see you there tonight,


P.S.  As usual, I might be a couple minutes late.
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