ubuntu-us-nj Meeting: Wednesday, September 5th, 9-10PM

David A. Harding harda at gnuisance.net
Tue Sep 4 04:45:44 BST 2007

On Mon, Sep 03, 2007 at 07:55:59PM -0700, Jim Fisher wrote:
> I think since SFD at PACS has been decided to be the SFD event for the
> LoCo, the information is provided to inform all members of the
> location and directions so that they may attend.
> I think that it should remain.

That's a good idea, Jim. I appologise for being hasty in my call to
remove it: I envisioned it bogging down the begining of the meeting
while we decided what it meant.

I suggest we make three changes:

        1. Change the top-level point to read like the following:

                - Reminder: Software Freedom Day at PACS
        2. Add a second-level point that says:

                - At the IRC meeting, Joe Terranova will remind eveyone
                  about this upcoming event

        3. Add another second-level point that says:

                - On Friday, September 14th, Dave Harding will send an
                  announcement to the LoCo mailing list reminding
                  everone about this upcoming event

I don't have a Launchpad account; if anyone with an account agrees with
all or some of the above, can they please make the changes they agree
with? Thanks in advance.


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