ubuntu-us-nj Wanted: Linux LAN Party Location

Joe Terranova joeterranova at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 04:16:23 GMT 2007

Hi People!

For our next event, it looks like the New Jersey LoCo Team is going to
be having a Linux LAN Party. The idea for the party is that all the
games will be a) free, b) available on Linux. While we're an Ubuntu
team, the games should be playable on any Linux distro, and will
probably be available for Windows and OS X as well.

We're looking for a location. Preferably, a location which can hold a
good number of people -- I'd like it to be able to hold around 30 (or
more!), which is probably our max. It needs to support a fair number
of desktops, which includes space, power, and enough ventilation for a
room full of really hot desktops. Networking is not required, but a
network and internet connection is a plus. In order to draw people
from North, South, and Central Jersey easily, I'd like it to be near a
train station -- probably Trenton, Hamilton, or New Brunswick. If
necessary, we can set up pick-up times at the station that's nearest.

Therefore, I'm asking if anyone in the area has any suggestions, or
places they'd be able to arrange us with. The date would probably be
early December on a Saturday. If we don't receive any proposals for
locations in the coming week or so, we will plan on having the LAN
party in the South Jersey area.

Joe Terranova

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