ubuntu-us-nj InstallFest THIS SUNDAY Nov. 4th

Gilbert Hartmann gilhartm at email.eden.rutgers.edu
Fri Nov 2 23:51:17 GMT 2007

Hey all,

RUSLUG is doing its semesterly install-fest on Sunday in the EIT Lab from noon
to 6pm. We'll be having lots of fun and eating lots of pizza, so bring your
friends and their computers. I've yet to see us fail to find a way to get an
install of a Linux OS onto a machine, but we do sometimes run out of time,
especially for the "special" machines, so arrive early. Directions to the EIT
Lab at Rutgers are on the site (http://ruslug.rutgers.edu/w/EitDirections)
though, due to construction, they are out of sync with reality. So if you are
coming for the first time to our favorite lab, send me or one of the other
officers a message and we'll make sure you find your way in.


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