ubuntu-us-nj Installfest Saturday, June 30th: What you should bring

Joe Terranova joeterranova at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 06:20:50 BST 2007

We currently have 2 signups for the install fest (one for each slot);
we'll either have 2 or 20, depending on how many people show without
rsvping, and who shows up just to look and ask questions.

What we need:
monitors (lcds only please)
power cords
network cable

I'll be bringing 3 lcds, and 2-3 keyboards/mice, and a couple of the
rest. If you have lcds and peripherals, please bring them, though
you'll probably be leaving them in the car.

Even if that's it for installs, there should be people showing up just
to ask questions. If it really is just us, we'll have other things to
do. Nonetheless, last-minute signups are more than welcome. It'd be a
great time to convince your wife, roommate, or grandmother she should
switch over O:-)

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